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Marble Stone

Emperador Dark Marble Slab

Emperador Dark Marble Slab

To create a high-end feeling in today's home improvement, natural stone is not the only choice. Marble tiles have the texture of natural stone, which can be designed with different patterns, and their physical properties are quite good. They are suitable for cutting of various designs, and the effect is equally high. There are a wide variety of ceramic tiles, rich in color and texture, which can meet the needs of various styles of threshold stones. Choosing a unique threshold stone can instantly enhance the temperament of the space

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Product Details

Products Items: Emperador Dark Marble Slab

This Emperador Dark Marble Slab is a natural stone using Gangsaw cut, This luxury stone is perfectly use in Kitchen, Bathroom and Office,Hotel flooring. It has a beautiful texture in the stone and with vein cut or cross cutting. Polishing surface or hone surface, or other treatment as per your order requirements.

More sturdy and high-quality marble stone for your choice.

Products Descriptions:

1. Materials: Natural Stone Grey Marble

2. Most Popular size in: Width 126" , Depth 47" thickness in 3/4" or 1-1/4"

3. Finishing: Polishing,Honed

5. Application:Bathroom Floor tiles,Kitchen Floor Tiles,Flooring Tiles

6. Density: 2.6

7. Packing: Packed in a strong wooden pallet.

8. Payment terms: T/T, L/C more negotiable

Emperador Dark Marble Slab pictures

Emperador Dark Marble Slab


1.How much is a marble slab?

Average cost for per square foot is US$4.5-15.80

2.How do you cut marble?

We use cutting machine to cut marble slabs for flooring tiles, Countertops.

3.How long is a marble slab?

10feet long is an average in length.

4.Does marble crack easily?

Yes, Usually we put mesh under the marble to avoid crack.

5.What can I do with a marble slab?

Kitchen Countertops, Vanity tops, Flooring Tiles, Thread hold. Sinks, Bar tops,Bathtubs

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