What is Natural Slate?

The original rock has increased hardness due to dehydration, but the mineral composition is basically not recrystallized. It has a variable structure and a variable structure. The appearance is dense and hidden crystals. The mineral particles are very fine and difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. There are often a small amount of sericite and other minerals on the board surface, which makes the board surface slightly shiny. Slate can generally be named in detail according to different color impurities, such as black carbonaceous slate and gray-green calcareous slate. In low-level thermal contact metamorphism, shallow metamorphic rocks with spot-like structures and plate-like structures can be formed, usually called "spotted rocks". Slate can be used as a building material and decoration material. In ancient times, it was often used as tiles in areas rich in slate. The main purpose 1. Roofing Slate stone is mainly used in the construction industry. Slate stone is superior to general artificial covering materials, moisture-proof, wind-resistant, and thermal insulation. A slate roof can last for hundreds of years. MCM slate is safe, ecological and environmentally friendly. 2. Floor and exterior wall Slate flooring is used for exterior flooring, interior flooring and exterior walls. Slate flooring is usually laid in outdoor corridors, basements and kitchens. The indoor slate floor is durable, versatile and beautiful in appearance. Homeowners can use slate to decorate the interior into a unique environment. The indoor slate floor can be polished slate or natural style and color. The color is very rich, mainly composed of composite gray, such as gray yellow, gray red, gray black, gray white, etc., up to 300 collection colors . The outdoor slate floor can be random slate or slate tiles. Random slate can be of different shapes, such as solitary, trapezoidal, and parallelogram. 3. Landscaping Because of its resistance to weather and pollution, slate is often used in various residential and commercial environmental beautification projects. It is often used to pave paths and decorate the surrounding pools, including exterior walls and even courtyards. Slate stone can also be used as a fountain, combining traditional and modern styles

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